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Frequently asked Questions

You want to know which kind of technology is the best choice? Here you find all the answers you need to decide.

What is Cryo-Fog?

The term “cryo” means very cold temperature. To produce fog, normal liquified gases are used. Instead of normal glycolbased fog (“Disco-Fog”), Cryo-Fog visualizes only the humidity of the air. This is the same effect, like opening the bathrooms´ window in winter and fog comes in or, as another example, like breathing out “clouds” in cold air. Since Cryo-Fog doesn’t bring in any humidity into the room-air, there is no condensity on walls or floors.
The colder the gas and the dampier the air of the location is, the more fog you can create. When the air gets warmer, the fog disappears immediatly.


Which liquified gases can I use?

You can use all non-toxic, non-flammable liquified gases for cryo-effects. The colder the gas, the better the fog. Liquid Helium seems to be perfect because of its temperature of –269°C, but it is very expensive. The best cost-efficiency has Liquid Nitrogen (called LIN or LN2, -196°C), Liquid Carbondioxyd (called LCO, -78°C, or Dry-Ice) and Liquid Air (called LAX, -186 °C).


The pros and cons of the Liquid Gases…

Liquid Nitrogen
Pro: Huge pure white clouds of fog possible, good cost-efficiency, good disposability, non-toxic, no-smell, even in high quantities no harm since air contains nitrogen
Contra: higher material effort, not suitable for small-locations

Pro: less material effort to build system, good disposability
Contra: Much less fog than LIN since the higher temperature of only –78°C than –196°C of LIN, fog makes tired, in higher concentration toxic, use of gas-cylinders expensive and can only last for 35seconds per cylinder, fog smells fust, fog only greywhite, Dry-Ice Fog is always wet

Synthetic Air
Pro: can be used in small venues, On-Site-Production
Contra: through condensation of Liquid Oxygen raised fire-protection needed, On-Site-Production starts at € 100.000.-, bad disposability for mobil-services, needs very high standards of material


Why cryofex does not work with CO2?

Our systems could be driven with CO2 if modified. But fog-output and possible CO2-airconcentration is only possible in much less amounts. It is like driving a Ferarri with wooden wheels… On the long run LIN is much more cost-efficient than CO2. But: For simple use of, maybe Stage-Jets or semiprofessional uses, dry-ice or CO2 could be a better solution. For professional use, nothing can beat liquid nitrogen!


Isn´t Liquid Nitrogen too dangerous for indoor use?

No. Liquid Nitrogen can be very dangerous when it is in concentrated, liquid state and could cause cold-burnings when it comes in contact with large areals of skin or could cause suffocation when used in an unvented environment. But due to the use in the cryofex-system, it evaporates immediatlty and only emmits with strong power masses of icecold clouds. The resoluted gas solves in the air. The air normally contains 78% Nitrogen, so an enourmous amount of Nitrogen has to be given to a room to get a dangerous atmosphere. This is almost impossible in normal use. All cryofex-systems work with special Oxygen-monitors, which monitor the environmental air and control the use of the system via microprozessor based safety-operation. At the cryofex ONE, the maximum tankstorage is depending on the air-volume.


Must the Systems be approved by the Authorities?

Our Systems contain German TÜV-tested components only. The whole Components are Made In Germany and are made from Stainless Steel and Bronce. Please check your local Authority before purchasing a cryofex-System. Normally there shouldn´t be a problem if the venting of the venue is OK.


What kind of effects can I produce with the cryofex-system?

  1. Ice-Explosion: With huge power a big white cloud shoots out into the room. Depending on the power-setting, up to 200l Nitrogen per Shot will emmit a cloud of 140.000 litres. When use in nightclubs, the cloud will refresh the crowd and extatic the mood! Different Nozzle-designs for a varitey of effects. Up to 20m high Geysire possible!
  2. Fog-Curtain: A “curtain” from Fog! Standard with 20m wide and 8m fall.
  3. Groundfog: Our LINFOGGER produce pure white, undulate clouds. They flow down stairs and don´t ascend when it become warm (like all other chill-converters for normal Glycol-Fogmachines). As oposed to CO2 or Dry-Ice, you can get much more fog from LIN and the floor always stays dry!


What is the difference between the cryofex ONE and cryofex MOBILE?

The cryofex ONE is for fixed installations like clubs, theme parks, events, film, sfx, education etc. All components are solid-state and custom-made. It has an Outdor bulk-storage (2000l to 20.000l), vakuum-superisolated transferpiping, several effect-heads, Groundfogger, Jets. All effects can be controlled via a controller and has a monitor-selection for all components.


The cryofex MOBILE has to be spezialized for one of the three different kinds of effects and has only one effect per system. It contains one effect-head, mobile storage and transferpiping, controller system. For smaller installations the cryofex MOBILE can be used stationary of course. These systems are for rent. Please ask for conditions!


What kind of enviroment do I need?

A vented room with about 1000 cubikmeter volumina (less affords a special venting). The dampier the air is the more fog will be produced.

An average of 40 – 60% Airhumidity is optimal.
Please ask for individual use.


Darf jedermann das System bedienen?

Die Handhabung der Anlagen erfordert eine Einweisung durch cryofex.